Welcome to Foster Mediation, where our goal is to help you on the path towards a happier future.

If you are experiencing any type of dispute, relationship breakdown or communication challenges, mediation can assist.

Why Mediate? Compared to the alternatives of legal processes and litigation, mediation is a more cost effective, efficient and convenient approach to resolving disputes. In some situations, it can also help to foster a sense of collaboration, rather than opposition, and allow for a continuation of amicable relationships.

Mediation is a voluntary process where the participants themselves decide the terms of any agreements reached. No decisions are imposed on you that you are not agreeable to. Our role is to work together with you, to guide towards a more desirable outcome for all. 

At Foster Mediation, our focus is on your needs. We spend time to understand your situation and really listen to exactly what it is you want to achieve from the mediation.

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